Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Slowly Springing

Now that I am closer to getting back to work I am lifting my window shopping ban. (It was for my own good.). I recieved an email from Lady Vintage annoucning their new spring range. Here are some pieces that caught my eye. You can find further details about these dresses below:

lady vintage dresseslady vintage dresses

lady vintage dresseslady vintage dresses

It's really unusual for me to like anything floral but I love the variety and the amazing choice of colours and patterns in this new collection. In this collection Lady Vintage are debuting their new styles the 'Eliza' and the 'Jasmine' as well as bringing back the 'Tea Dress'. 
I currently have my first Lady Vintage dress that I bought back in their sales to review so I won't go on too much about them right now but safe to say that I have found a vintage repro brand that I can actually access and is very much worth the money. That said, sadly, the new Spring range is not in my size range and seems to stop around a size 22 which is disappointing. Hopefully they will look to expand on that. 



Orange Floral 'Eliza' Swing Dress 8-18 £50

Black Floral 'Eliza' Swing Dress 8-18 £50

Pink Rose Floral on Black 'Jasmine' Dress 8-22 £50

Sweetheart 'Eliza' in Blue Swing Dress 8-18 £50

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