Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Curve Fashion Festival 2015 (Part 1)

There's going to be a whole bunch of blog posts about this event going around by people vastly more prepared than me, who remembered to take notes and photographs. I am no such person. But I do want to make a point of writing more about my personal interactions at the event and I may later blog more about the event itself as there are things I wanted to talk about.
But I'm still buzzing from it all so I wanted to share all the good stuff first.
The biggest part of the day for me was how much fun I had in the company of fellow bloggers, most of whom I had not met before or had interacted very little with. The sense of excitement and community that was buzzing around the room was very difficult not to get wrapped up in.

I had the pleasure of travelling up with Sarah, Tanya, Sharon, and Becky. The night before we attended a swing dance class, with many laughs to be had as well as some questionable dancing skills from fellow attendees, before bedding down for the night ready for our 7am start. The whole day was just a mix of belly laughing, hugs, and excited chatter.

ruby thunder, the curve fashion festival, curve fashion festival

Before I even had the chance to go inside I became acquainted with a host of new, friendly faces who were generous with warm hugs and welcomes. That was a theme throughout the day. Despite barely knowing anyone it was understood that we were all there for a common goal: to celebrate each other and enjoy a moment that was for us, without judgement, and with love.

I had my reservations; being an new and unknown person in the plus blogging scene, I felt a little intimidated not knowing anyone and seeing the many groups all coming together. But my fears were easily laid to rest as I was pulled in for selfies, lavished with compliments, and chatting so easily with so many strangers.

Amazing dress from Lisa Riley's new range.

Met this fabulous babe, Kat Henry, for the first time

Some posi messages from Curvy Kaye's stall.

L-R Sarah, Nikki, Becky.

Lolly Likes

Of course it wasn't all about hanging out and there was a lot of amazing styles to be seen, from attendees as well as on the hangers. While I forgot to snap an OOTD Becky and I were paped by the SLiNK Magazine crew for theor streetstyle tag.

Image taken from SLiNK Magazine Instagram.

I will be reviewing this dress soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Welcome to my blog sale! Many items are reduced from previous sales posts. Many items down to £5!
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New Look Inspire gold sequin knee dress. Never worn!
Knee length
Size 26
Please note there is some fraying on a hanging strap but does not affect the dress.


New Look Inspire bird print dress.
Bought from another blog sale but doesn't suit me.
Size 26

Torrid cherry print halterneck dress

Size 22


Ruby Thunder, plus size Ruby Thunder, plus size

Peacocks flamingo shirt (mens) 
Size XXL
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New Look Inspire Daisy cardigan dress
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South tropical print mini skirt
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New Look Inspire velour skater skirt with gold detailing
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Red polkadot jumpsuit (still has tags on)
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New Look Inspire tropical print skirt
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Dorothy Perkins floral print dress
Size 22

Evans jade green chiffon dress (lined)
Size 24

Jade green pencil skirt, never worn (ebay)

I *think* this is a size 26 but the label says a 10!
Measurements unstretched 22.5in/57cm waist.
Material is very stretchy.

Red and white striped knitted cardigan (ebay)
Size 26

Black cloche hat
57cm diameter

All hair accressories and jewellery 50p!!
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Friday, 18 September 2015

She's A Beach: A Farewell To Summer.

That's it folks. All 5 days of it. /sarcasm.
Summer is over and with it the cooler nights drawing in quicker and leaves starting to tumble around us. Looking out of my window as I write this I see a grey sky and so I wanted to give a wistful farewell to summer. I felt this was also appropriate given a lot of negativity surrounding the plus size community with Nicole Arbour and recent let downs from Lane Bryant and Evans. 
This isn't a particularly ground breaking outfit but it was to me. This summer was the first time in my life that I wore a short skirt and my bare legs out. 

Ruby Thunder, plus size
Fat girl with legs out; world falls into anarchy and chaos. Or not.

As someone who's pretty dang fat, and has been for most of her life, I can't tell you the fear that comes with baring your flesh. My tattoos have given me the confidence to bare my wobbly arms, and mostly because I loathe being too hot. But legs? My legs have always been a point of weakness for me. 

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Strolling along that beach I almost felt angry at myself because the wind and the sun on my legs felt so amazing and I had denied myself it for so many years. But I had to remember that I'd also spent the majority of my twenty nine years being told that my body should be hidden, that it was disgusting to see, so how I felt had never really come into it. Turning your back on many years of learned, toxic self hatred takes time, so I let the disappointment pass and actually enjoyed how my body felt felt for once in my life. 

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Sometimes you have to take a risk.
I'm glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. To know I can do this, that it's another step towards loving myself and not punishing myself for looking the way I do, as though I should be ashamed. 
Plus that sun feels damn good. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

#DearFatPeople: An Open Letter

If, like me, you were unlucky enough to have curiosity get the better of you and you watched the latests video from Nicole Arbour then you may be feeling the same mix of anger and sadness when something liek this comes around, and they do often. I wouldn't suggest watching it, if nothing else I'm angry at myself for giving her the numbers. 
There will always be people in this world who hate fat people. It is something that has been so deeply ingrained into society, into our mindset, that sometimes we don't even realise we're being offensive. 
But that doesn't mean that we don't fight, that we don't support and uplift each other.

So I decided to start a hashtag #dearfatpeople as a means to share your love and appreciation for fellow fatties, to celebrate their strengths and uplift them in the darker days.

But here's a longer letter for you.

Dear Fat People,

 You have the right to exist without people maing assumptions or judgements about you, your health, your lifestyle, and certainly not your worthiness of love and respect. Asking for common decency afforded to those with a smaller waistline is not you gloryfying anything. 
You are not encouraging anyone to do anything other than treat you like a human being. You are entitled to live your life in peace.

Being fat is pretty political. Straight away the choices you make and the way you look are up for public duscussion. Everyone's opinions and feelings about the way you live you life are seemingly up for consideration. Suddenly everyone becomes a qualified doctor or nutrionist, and seemingly YOUR personal doctor too. The Univeristy of Google's finest graduates come flocking to suck their teeth, roll their eyes, and merely point out they are worried for your health, as though they have any idea whatsoever what that means just from looking at you.

So, Dear Fat People, 

You are worthy of love.
You are capable of great things.
You are allowed to love yourself.
You are allowed to have bad days. Be kind to yourself. 

You are amazing!

Ruby Thuder, plus size

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Curve Fashion Festival 2015

I'm on a count down. Only three weeks until the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester!

What's The Curve Fashion Festival?

Well let me tell ya! CFF is a fantastic new event this year taking place at Manchester Central Exchange Hall. There's oodles of plus size fashion related fun waiting for you with confirmed brands including Asos, New Look, Boohoo, and Evans as well a bunch of indie brands to name a few!

What can I expect there?

There's going to be catwalks, celebrity panals, pop up meet and greets, shopping stalls from lots of fabulous plus size brands. Oh and did I mention there's a campagne bar and afternoon tea restaraunt?

Zoowee mama! You said celebrity panalists. Who's going to be there?

Tess Holliday, Hayley Hassellhoff, Style Me Curvy blogger Louise O'Reilly, and Nicolette Mason are but to name a few of the faces you'll see!


There's a bunch of information about the event, including information about the venue itself and how to get there. You can find this, and more, at http://www.thecurvefashionfestival.co.uk/

This is a ticket only event! So don't miss out and grab yours here: http://www.thecurvefashionfestival.co.uk/tickets2.html

I'm super stoked for this event. Will I see you there?


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