Sunday, 6 September 2015

#DearFatPeople: An Open Letter

If, like me, you were unlucky enough to have curiosity get the better of you and you watched the latests video from Nicole Arbour then you may be feeling the same mix of anger and sadness when something liek this comes around, and they do often. I wouldn't suggest watching it, if nothing else I'm angry at myself for giving her the numbers. 
There will always be people in this world who hate fat people. It is something that has been so deeply ingrained into society, into our mindset, that sometimes we don't even realise we're being offensive. 
But that doesn't mean that we don't fight, that we don't support and uplift each other.

So I decided to start a hashtag #dearfatpeople as a means to share your love and appreciation for fellow fatties, to celebrate their strengths and uplift them in the darker days.

But here's a longer letter for you.

Dear Fat People,

 You have the right to exist without people maing assumptions or judgements about you, your health, your lifestyle, and certainly not your worthiness of love and respect. Asking for common decency afforded to those with a smaller waistline is not you gloryfying anything. 
You are not encouraging anyone to do anything other than treat you like a human being. You are entitled to live your life in peace.

Being fat is pretty political. Straight away the choices you make and the way you look are up for public duscussion. Everyone's opinions and feelings about the way you live you life are seemingly up for consideration. Suddenly everyone becomes a qualified doctor or nutrionist, and seemingly YOUR personal doctor too. The Univeristy of Google's finest graduates come flocking to suck their teeth, roll their eyes, and merely point out they are worried for your health, as though they have any idea whatsoever what that means just from looking at you.

So, Dear Fat People, 

You are worthy of love.
You are capable of great things.
You are allowed to love yourself.
You are allowed to have bad days. Be kind to yourself. 

You are amazing!

Ruby Thuder, plus size


  1. I couldn't have put it better myself. I am sick to death of people commenting on the size and weight of someone else and it makes me more mad when they link it to health. Argh xxx

  2. I couldn't believe that video appeared in my timeline. It did so though a lady who, until very recently was a large lady herself. Makes me rethink my FB friends. The blonde in the video isn't funny and I was truly offended that it got so many ppl thinking it was acceptable to even post. ARGH. No. Just NO.