Tuesday, 16 February 2016

LondonEdge Feb 2016 part two: Faces!

Following on my from my previous post about the some of the brands at LE, here's some more shots from the catwalk and some generally cool cats I found wandering the event.

Here are some of my faves from the first catwalk:

(I *think* these are mostly, if not all, from Collectif.

Naturally there was a lot of rad looking folks wandering about and some let me grab a photo!

The Collectif gals looked AMAZING!

These dolls from the Pinup Academy (left) handing out free sweets hell yeah.
Right: Reps from Glamour Bunny.

These vintage babes from In Retrospect Magazine.

Two fabulous gals from Audrey Star's Boutique

The blogger seminar, with a guest panel compiled of Vintageena, Honey Pop, and Sophie Hannah, was an interesting opportunity for brands to get to understand the power of bloggers and how to form the best relationships that's productive for both sides. One thing I did notice at the event was how welcoming everyone was to bloggers, and how there is a real push to see the power of blogging.

Shortly after arriving I found myself arriving at the Pinup Academy stall, offering free hair and make up. I was over there in doubletime! Especially given that, catching an 8am train, I was in not fit state to be brushing my hair let alone styling it. 

Admiring the ladies in action

This gorgous lady whipped me up some victory rolls so quickly I barely warmed the seat. She was absolutely hilarious. 

While waiting to get my hair done I bumped into fellow PS bloggers Becky, Charlotte, Lottie, and Tanya. We wandered some stalls, bumping into Georgina of FullerFigureFuller Bust. At the latex stallit was only natural that someone was going to wriggle into something. Don't they look amazing?

Dresses by Yummy Gummy Latex

After a round of latex-clad bottom slapping we hit up Pizza Express for some much needed food before making our respective journeys home.

A long ass-day but I loved every second of it. 

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  1. It looks absolutely amazing I would love to go to this, and it looks like a fab dy. Those Victory Rolls <3