Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Birthday Wishlist

It's the big Three-Oh for me on July 4th. I've already been treated to a wonderful week away in Gower, and my mum is coming to visit me for a week. My first visitor since I moved down here! I'm also looking forward to it because I haven't seen my mum in over a year because the last time I went home for a visit the floods had destroyed the road so I couldn't get to her.

Birthdays usually entail gifts so here's a little birthday wishlist of stuff I've been fawning over.

A girl can dream, right?


  1. OMG! Those pizza shoes are to die for.... Have an amazing birthday sweet, I hope you get spoilt rotten xxxxx

    1. Hoping for a sale soon lol

      Thank you, lovely! x

  2. Aww, happy birthday lovely! I hope that some of your wishlist dreams come true, as that list is amazing! Those pizza shoes are epic! :) xx