Monday, 27 April 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent: Topshop.

I'd yet to try a HWIWHS challenge before so when Debz announced the next one I figured I'd give it a try. I thought it would be interesting to check out a store I don't ever shop with.

I'm a big fan of colour and prints, but I still love some classic monoshrome stripe. Are you seeing that dinosaur jumper?! SO awesome. I think between that and the monochrome shirt next to it, that has to be a fave and something I would buy in a heartbeat if they stocked anything remotely plus sized.


Flower Print Wide Leg Trousers-£40

Tie Striped Shirt Dress-£38

Pineapple Foil Print Swimsuit-£36

Broderie Pinafore Sundress-£38

Monochrome Striped Shirt by Unique-£75

Dinosaur Print Loungewear Sweater-£28

Crushed Satin Bomber Jacket by Goldie-£49

HWIWHS total: £304
£304 of this fatties cash that Topshop won't be getting!

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  1. Great picks honey, Topshop and their notorious vanity sizing annoy me greatly! xxx

    1. Don't quote me on it but I do remember once hearing that Topshop actively refuse to stock plus sizes.