Friday, 3 April 2015

So this happened..

I've been really lax with blogging lately and this is why. 
Everyone, meet Vinnie.
He's 4 months old and so as you can imagine he's kept us busy. 
It's our first week and we're still finding our routine and getting used to being out in the garden every 45 minutes instead of slobbing out in front of our respective computer screens, but it's going better than we anticipated. 
So far he seems to have a really lovely temperment. He's good with strangers, and especially children. do anything too bad. He's not really chewed anything and he's barely barked.  He's just not keen on walking much right now. I know them feels, bud. 
I'm still kinda pinching myself. I've wanted a dog for years but I've always held of because I felt I was too selfish with my time but the circumstances were right and so here we are. I do find myself forgetting how much my time is affected by a new puppy who you can't leave. I can't just go strolling into the shops when I feel like it, we've already had to cancel plans, and now I have to think about the sort of shifts I pick up at work. Sometimes, when I've been standing in the garden at 6.30am in the rain, I wondered what the hell I had done. But when we come back in and he can't wait to sit in my lap and snooze it's really, really hard to be sad. 

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  1. Awww man, please spoil us with lots of Vinnie photos. He's bloody gorgeous!